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"On-site" Hydrogen.
Reformer for Fuel Cells, Fueling Stations and Industrial Gas.
In cars, micro-CHP units or decentral power generators fuel cells need hydrogen. It's provided by reformers, which efficiently generate hydrogen out of primary sources like natural gas in a catalytic process ("reforming"). So, small reformers close the "supply gap" without building a new hydrogen infrastructure. 
Since 2000 WS Reformer works in small-scale reforming and offers a broad product portfolio of reformers dedicated to PEM-fuel cells, and SOFC-systems as well as to solutions for "On-site Hydrogen"
Competence in PEM Micro-CHP Systems.
By developing, manufacturing and sales of micro-CHP systems based on PEM fuel cells, we complete our competency portfolio.
We have been working in numerous projects with partners worldwide: we know exactly the technical and commercial requirements of fuel cell CHP-units, industrial gas plants and solutions for fueling stations. That's why our products not only comprise "smart" technical solutions and patents, many thousands operational hours in the lab and field and competence in manufacturing. We are also dedicated to excellent customer support by sharing our experience during project planning, training and after-sales support.

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FLOX® micropower charges electric BMW I3 in 5-Person household. Electricity by sun and micro-CHP for electric car and household read more...

FLOX® micropower achieves 15.000 operational ours. Prototyp in heating system runs since 2 years without significant degradation. read more...

"Woche der Umwelt" Berlin 2012
WS presents decentralized energy solution for households.

German Environmental Award 2011
Dr.-Ing. J.A.Wünning und Dr.-Ing.J.G.Wünning awarded.

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